Japan Wood Culture Society (JWCS)


Based on the idea of "Wood is Good", we are conducting activities to investigate and promote Wood Culture in Japan.

  1. To conduct research, education and promotion of wood culture in Japan.
  2. To promote the sustainable and recyclable use of wood, a friendly material to humans and the earth, in cooperation with the International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) and other organizations. 
  3. To carry out activities in the following six fields:
    • Global environment and sustainable society
    • Arts and humanities
    • Architecture, design and handicrafts
    • Wood science and technology
    • Wood education
    • Wood processing and marketing
  4. To hold events related to World Wood Day in Japan, in order to raise public awareness of the importance and significance of Japanese wood culture.
  5. To organize cultural activities from the standpoints of fairness, justice and freedom without any affiliation with specific political or religious groups.



2-4-19 Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0005, Japan


+81-3-3814-2839 / +81-3-3814-2801

Establish Date:

10 December 2019


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