Return with Abundant Harvests by Gong Yuanxun

"The Dongchao Woodcarving Art School" is a fusion of the core techniques of woodcarving from Dongyang and Chaozhou, making it a "hybrid" woodcarving genre. Its founder, Master Li Zhongqing, combines the flat relief technique of Dongyang woodcarving with the three-dimensional modeling characteristic of Chaozhou woodcarving, resulting in artworks that possess both the layered depth of Dongyang woodcarving and the three-dimensional quality of Chaozhou woodcarving.

Gong Yuanxun, senior arts and crafts artist, master of arts and crafts in Chaozhou City, was born in 1985. He studied wood carving at the age of 18 and studied under Li Zhongqing, a master of Chinese arts and crafts. He was deeply taught and taught by his respected teacher. He has been engaged in research on Chaozhou Dongchao woodcarving art. He is the author of "Eastern Chao" Participants in the "Wood Carving Art School" project have created many outstanding works. His works have won many national and provincial gold awards.

Exhibit name: "Return with Abundant Harvests" 
Exhibit size: 37cmX37cm X65cm

Shrimp and crab baskets in Chaozhou wood carvings symbolize the joy of fishermen's abundant harvests and their cultural legacy. For generations, these marine motifs have been cherished symbols for coastal communities, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of Chaozhou Dongchao wood carvings.